Nothing Works Better than

Have you guys ever heard of the Slogan Generator? It’s a website, and what you do is you type in a keyword that you want to be included in your slogan and then it presents you with various funny slogans that contain the keyword/s. For example, I want a slogan for pig feet. So I type in Pig Feet at the text box and click sloganize and voila!

“You Too Can Have Pig Feet Like Mine”


“Pig Feet Saves Your Soul.”

and if I’m still not satisfied with that

“Ive Seen The Future, and It’s Pig Feet-Shaped.”

Of course I only used Pig Feet for comedic purposes, but some people actually take this seriously if they want a catchy slogan but lack the creative juices to come up with one. This is undoubtedly a very useful and effective tool… The only problem is, hundreds of other people can have the same slogan as you. The website generates the same slogans and simply replace the keywords depending on the user input.

Now, here’s a slogan generator alternative that might take slightly a bit longer to give results but you are assured a guaranteed a relevant, unique and catchy tagline for your company. is the website that you should go to when you have been racking your brains up trying to think of a slogan for weeks but nothing comes up. You will be given the help of talented people who can provide you with a timely solution to your problem, sometimes as fast as minutes. Although it’s not as instant as the Slogan Generator, it’s still relatively faster (than your brain) and at least you have the guarantee that what they will give you is unique.

So… Are you looking for something to cure your slogan blues? Nothing Works Better than… Err yeah, that was from Slogan Generator.


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