Now available on Google+, volume control!

The Google team has outfitted Google+ with new updates just in time for the New Year, including improvements for pages, and an upgraded interface for Google+ photos. However the one new feature that has got people buzzing is “volume control”.

This feature comes in a form of a sliding bar on every stream page of your circles, and lets you customize how much content goes on the stream for that circle. Although this ability to control content is not new to the netizens of social media networks such as Facebook, coupled with Google+’s Circles, users are now better able to curate and personalize the content that they see on their streams.

Without any need to worry about who to friend or follow, Google+ allows users to group an unlimited amount of people to a circle, and then choose to see only a select few updates using the volume control function. This automatically sets Google’s algorithms working and only the best of the content from that circle are shown to users. Twitter and Facebook on the other hand, have no such capability (yet) or performs the same function but in less user friendly ways.

The key to surviving in the social networking ecosystem is to find a niche to cater to; Facebook focuses on interpersonal relationships, Twitter facilitates the meeting of like minds in 140 characters or less, and Google+’s niche might very well be the ease in curating large volumes of content with this new feature.

The Google team also ends their post with hints of more updates to come in 2012. Yippee!

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