Now you can edit collaboratively with Google Docs for Android

Android users have offline access to their documents, but since Wednesday there is a new update for Google docs.  Google Docs is allowing users to edit text from your smartphone and tablet. And you know what? Now it is possible to collaborate with other on the documents.  Seems like a very productive update! These updates appear in real time as the participant’s type on phones, tablets or computers. This is allowing users to edit and see the documents together.

Referring to the blog of Google software engineer Vadim Gerasimov, Google want to make the Google Doc on mobile more efficient:  “We want to give everyone the chance to be productive no matter where they are. We’ve brought the collaborative experience from Google Docs on the desktop to your Android device’’.

The interface is improved by making it easier to work with the documents on the go. For instance: text formatting is being added to create a quick bullet list, use colour or just bolding text. Besides this, it is able to zoom on a specific paragraph or scroll out to see a whole document at once.

This will help users to work on the go instead of only in the office of home. Users can respond to email and editing documents just like on the computer. Moreover, you can edit the document together in real time with other participants, which would save some time and create more efficiency, right.

So I think this would improve your daily time management en helps you to work from more places than the office.

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