Gives You Insight on what Employees Think

If you’re an employer, have you ever wondered how your employees think about you, or what their opinion is regarding the company? What if they think that there is a better way to run things in the business but they’re just too shy or too afraid to tell you? offers a service that allows employees to anonymoysly share their thoughts on the workplace. It provides them a convenient way to express their strong opinions that they wouldnt’ve otherwise expressed face-to-face, in an undisclosed manner. They wouldn’t have to fear of being reprimanded.

I think that, if used probably, this is a healthy way for the company to grow. Everybody can use a little constructive criticism so that they can perform better in the workplace. Practically anything can be discussed in the website, such as measly salaries, employers who are too harsh… What may be a bit unnecessary though is that some people discuss clothing like there’s a fashion police somewhere. But okay, maybe some people do need to dress up a bit more. Whatever the case is, the threads are open to all.

So I visited the website and I don’t know if it’s just my browser, or faulty internet connection, but they really need to clean up their layout. And fix the fonts. And just basically hire a new web designer. Basically this is how their website looks like:

Setting aside the unfriendly user interface, I really think that this website can be very useful to the company and how they can fix things in the system.

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