OffMaps2 – Downloadable GPS Map, No Data Required

When we are going overseas, first thing comes handy will be the map. As bringing paper map is not the trend anymore, we usually find it online with our mobile devices. However, downloading map with international roaming will really cost you a fortune.

So I would like to recommend this app which can save you a lot of data roaming charges. OffMaps2 allows you to download an entire city’s map at once and store those maps on your smartphone or tablet. Your phone can access map data offline, instead of using the iPhone’s built-in Maps app. As downloaded maps can be used with GPS functions, data roaming will not be needed. Destinations can be bookmarked on the map and be added to your phone list for later retrieval.

In addition, maps are displayed using OpenStreetMap framework so that you can view and edit the map freely. The maps are tagged with train lines, subway stops, and ATMs. Wikipedia entries about the cities and sites you are visiting can also be added.

You can buy the app in iTunes store  for 99 cents. It comes with two free map downloads too. Additional three maps are for 99 cents or you can opt for unlimited maps downloads at $6. There are hundreds of maps available, with European cities having more information than other places.

Although downloading the map will still need Internet connection, you can do it with Wi-fi at the hotel or airplane first. Later you can use it in offline mode with GPS. This is the cheapest way to access map you will be able to find.


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