Online Matchmaking with your Trusted Wingman

Being brought up in a conservative family, dating sites is a huge taboo. We have a preconceived notion that the only people who go to dating sites are sex predators. Now of course I know that’s not the case, as you can actually meet decent people online. And some sites are reputable, such as, OkCupid and eHarmony. But there’s always that scary thought that holds people like me back from ever making use of a dating site (not that I really want to).

What happens when you enter a dating site, from what I’ve heard, is that you search for a person’s profile online and see if you like him or her. And if both of you like each other based on your judgments of their profile, then you meet up to date. And that’s the scary part – you’re both strangers taking a chance on each other. Those dating sites don’t really take into consideration the age-old method of meeting dates through friends, which is a lot less risky way in meeting someone.

Clique took this opportunity to create a website that uses that method as its niche. This exclusive site is invite-only, and only you, your friends and people connected to you by three degrees or less are visible. Every time you are browsing people’s profiles, you get to see how you’re connected to each person and at the same time, your friends can suggest matches for you. Co-founder and CEO Christy Purington said that filtering online dating improves the experience by making it easier. “People spend hours and hours looking for people with similar interests on dating sites. Even if your interests are different, if you have a mutual friend, that’s a filter already.”

As of now, common friends, or the matchmakers have no incentive for being the wingman except the plain fun of matching friends with one another, but the website is working on the rewards to be given to them.

… Someone invite me to this website. Hahaha. Kidding of course 🙂


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