Pair: A social app that’s just for couples

Want to share something with your love without the whole world knowing? Pair is the new app that creates a private shared timeline for couples!

Pair is not a social network, but it behaves like one.  It is like a single stream of communication between two persons.  This is a solution to share timeline without going public. This shared timeline is allowing two persons to easily swap messages, photo, videos and locations with each other. But there are more fun things to share! Pairs can draw together in real-time and give each other a ‘thumb kiss’. A ‘thumb kiss’ on the screen can be made when the both partners hit the same spot with their thumb on the screen. When that happens, the phone will vibrate. Sounds so funny!

Besides the timeline, there will be also a to-do list included. This to-do list can be edited by both partners. So partners can remind each other all the time. Handy feature!

This private timeline could be perfect for long distance relationships so they can share their special moments whenever they want. However, this could also be interesting for dating couples?  Of course, this app called Pair, so it is created for couples but it could be also funny to use this with your best friend or family?

This app can only be shared with one partner at a time. Pair is now available as a free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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