Palestinian Hacker breaks into Zuckerburg’s Facebook wall

For Khalil Shreateh –A Palestinian self-described unemployed security researcher, what started out as a well-wished attempt to inform Facebook about their security loophole- ended up being termed as a “violent user”.

On 19th july,2013  Shreateh hacked Facebook owner Mark Zuckerburg’s Facebook profile and posted a link on his private timeline.

According to many internet sources, this was not Shreateh’s very first attempt to catch FB authority’s attention. Initially, Shreateh wrote a post on the Facebook page of a woman named Sarah Goodin (who is a friend of Mr.  Zuckerberg) and was still unsuccessful to catch attention. Further he reported the bug in Facebook ‘white hat’ program- which award hackers if they could find any problem in Facebook security system. Unfortunately FB authority did not take him very seriously. So Finally, Shreateh played his last card- and he hacked Zuckerberg’s wall and posted the above mentioned link.

On the other hand, Facebook Software engineer Matt Jones described on Hacker news that –

“Exploiting bugs to impact real users is not acceptable behavior for a white hat. We allow researchers to create test accounts here to help facilitate responsible research and testing. In this case, the researcher used the bug he discovered to post on the timelines of multiple users without their consent.”

All in all- it seems, Khalil Shreateh stole the attention but in a very wrong way.

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