Panabee Helps You in Finding the Perfect Domain Name

Domain names are an important factor in creating your website. If you want many hits, the name has to have a ring to it, it should be easy to remember, and most of all, it has to be unique. You can’t make a domain name with the same address as another website. But with the crowded Internet where one’s company name and URL are often the same, it’s quite difficult to come up with your own web address.

Panabee, a simple tool for finding domain names, will show web users a few interesting variations based on your preferred URL or keyword. It also shows the URLs of your competitors for the keyword you gave.

I put the website on a random test. So let’s pretend I wanted to be an owner of a company that specializes on erasers. With the website, I found out that and to and were already taken (I had no idea that many people were into erasers). Interesting suggestions such as and also showed up. I’d say that these are actually pretty useful and something that I would use if I were to be the CEO of an eraser company.

Panabee not only shows domain names but also users related terms, web search results and social media postings such as Twitter that contains the inputted keyword.

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