Pawsley, Groupon for Dogs

I love dogs; in fact, it’s almost like a tradition in my family to bring in a new puppy when our dog passes away. I know it sounds awful but the sight, sound, and even their breathtaking smell make my home a little warmer. Pawsley, a private beta platform aims to act as a social networking space, Groupon oriented site, and best of all, it is just for dogs.

It’s not a surprise that such start-up would come about, I mean think about how many people created a Facebook profile for their dogs; that includes Mark Zukherberg’s kind of sheepdog, ‘Beast.’ Mike Pacifico and Neda Pisheva, founders of Pawsley was inspired to create Pawsley because they realized how their friends on Facebook might be annoyed when they receive dog related notifications, especially when they are not dog owners and have no intention in befriending with your pets.

While there are many social networking sites for dogs such as Dogbook and Dogster; Pawsley wish to differentiate itself by making the users experience on the site better. Instead of using banner ads or other annoying flash slash pop up ads, Pawsey adopted the use of daily deal to be on the website so users will then see the special deal of the day for dogs rather than seeing the ads.

The ‘deal page,’ will also be available on the website where dog owners can buy almost everything from collars to dog bones, to satisfy the owners even more, there will be no expiry date unlike Groupon related website. Pawsley has also integrated the social media aspect to its website, allowing you to synchronized your Pawsley to your Facebook, thus, you can post comments and share images directly from Facebook.

Pawsley is set to go live next month according to Rip Empson of TechCrunch so there you go dog-lovers, one more pet networking site for you and your sidekick.

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  1. Mike Reply March 16, 2011 at 1:02 am

    Thanks for the feature! Hope you dig the site… yeh, pun intended 🙂