PayPal Payments Is Going Offline With Point Of Sale (POS)

Ebay’s Paypal is always the most chosen way to do a transaction online. Now the company is bringing the service to offline “point of sale” transactions with merchants.

According to CEO of Ebay, John Donahoe, PayPal will be testing point of sale integration with U.S. brick and mortar retailer by end of this year. 20 national retailers are expected to use its point of sale service in 2012.

Donahoe said,” We’re in a strong position in online payments to expand to point of sale. We intend to help retailers grow offline in the same way we helped merchants grow online.”

Although it will be a slower business to grow compared to online sales, Ebay expect it to grow. Ebay thinks that offline and online commerce will combine together in the future. Consumers will want a seamless experience across physical stores, mobile, laptops or any Internet-connected device. Location alone will not be sufficient anymore.

Besides point of sale initiative, PayPal had also acquired, a startup that provides inventory search for consumers at local business. With the acquisition, eBay is able to offer a service for small and medium-sized merchants to share their inventory in real-time online.

There was an announcement about Paypal allowing mobile users to use Near Field Communication(NFC) technology to send payments by tapping two phones together. However, that plan is still not possible yet because of the difficulty getting NFC up and running .



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