Paypal to unveil one stop payments platform

PayPal is the world’s most-loved way to pay and get paid.

With it’s new initiative, you’ll surely love Paypal even more.

PayPal hosted a partner event for retailers and began explaining how they’ll be able to implement its tools for in-store payments.

The company is planning to introduce a one stop shop for merchants to manage payments from customers. PayPal will allow local businesses to accept PayPal payments from customers via their mobile device using scanning technology.

You will be able to:

Enter phone number and PIN at the cash register to authorize a payment from your chosen bank account.

Use a PayPal card, which is not associated with a bank

Scan a barcode with your mobile in a shop and pay for it immediately with an app, skipping the checkout queues.

Scan the barcode, search through the shop’s inventory buy it on your phone, and order it for delivery to your house

It will be interesting to see how far the company gets with its plans.




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