PayPal Users Were Charged $4,000 For Mac OS X Lion

Some PayPal users have been mistakenly charged for buying the latest Mac OS X Lion from the Mac App Store.

One user have even received a bill of nearly $4,000 for the $29.99  software. He was charged $3.878 on July 28 in a series of 122 separate charges for $31.79 each. Although those users have approached Apple regarding the matter, refunds are not secured yet. Apple claimed to be investigating.

The overcharging problem only occur for users who paid with iTunes Store account via PayPal. PayPal and Apple have been pushing the responsibilities to each other. PayPal said they were told that the multiple charges were made by the iTunes Store, and Apple insisted to some that iTunes Store only charged ones.

There are also reports about overdraft fees and other charges because of multiple charges. Also, some of the customers have been waiting days for the refunds.

The latest OS, Lion has already topped a million downloads in its first day of availability.



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