PepsiCo’s Social Vending Machine

Nowadays, even vending machines also need to be social.

Besides its “Happiness Machine“and vending machine with interactive touch screen, Coca-cola introduced its “Friendship Machine” to celebrate International Friendship Day in August last year. The machine is about 12 feet tall and it will reward you with 2 cans of coke for price of a can if you can reach the topmost button of the machine. In order to reach the topmost button that write “2X1”, you will need to ask a buddy to lift you up, like what is shown in the video(0.54s):

Well, I thought that’s pretty cool. But PepsiCo came out with a better idea.

PepsiCo responded to Coke’s  “Friendship Machine” experiment with a real-life vending machine that allow you to buy a drink and send it to your friends via text messages. The machine is social media enabled.

With PepsiCo’s Social Vending Machine, user is able to to send free drinks to their friends. By selecting a beverage and entering the recipient’s name, mobile number and personalizes text message, your friend will be able to receive it with a code redeemable at another vending machine. Other than text message, user can also send a short video recorded by the vending machine.

In addition, user can also send the link of the PepsiCo’s website from the vending machines to their mobile devices to get vouchers from PepsiCo.

Chief  innovation officer at PepsiCo Foodservice said that,”The new machine “extends our consumers’ social networks beyond the confines of their own devices and transforms a static, transaction-oriented experience into something fun.”

From how PepsiCo and Coca-Cola innovate their vending machine, we can see an evolution in the possibilities for the vending machine. In the future, I would be expecting vending machines with Facebook or Twitter-enabled. That would be the second phase of their social media integration I guess.

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