Block Sites from Google Search – Chrome Extension

chrome In the past few months, we have witnessed how search engines are becoming more and more personal for the users. Google have been exploring different algorithms to detect webspams, sites with low quality content such as content farms. To enhance a better search engine experience, Google launched a Personal Blocklist extension for Chrome yesterday.

Once the user has downloaded the Personal Blocklist extension, they can begin to add sites that they personally feel do not match the search results or is with shallow content; these sites will not show up again on the next search results. One of the reasons to release this extension is also for Google to receive feedback on how the search engine is performing.

This extension is still an early edition and is currently available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish for users to download. Hopefully, with our help to scan, search, and block the unwanted sites, Google will soon learn which are the unwanted sites and slowly rearrange their ranking system or even their search return results. In the meantime, did anyone use this extension yet? Does it come in handy?

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