Personalized Newsstand with Yahoo! Livestand

Set to launch on the first half of 2011, Livestand from Yahoo! will deliver personalized news in a magazine like format for iPads, Tablets, soon to mobile phones and browsers. Livestand is designed to deliver content based on the personal selections, therefore, it is chosen from the users’ interests, location, and even the time of the day. Each visit on Livestand would be a new experience, so to speak.

“More than 3.5 million photos get uploaded to Flickr every day. On email we receive nearly 2.5 billion emails each day, and many of us send hundreds of texts and tweets per month. Simply put, life is digital,” according to the Team of Yahoo! Livestand was born to, well, help you organize your interests, an all in one portal for all things that you love.

Although, the Livestand by Yahoo! seems to have a promising future, I am still a bit skeptical about it, after all, how many ‘organized,’ applications do I need in one little tablet?  On the other hand, Livestand may be useful for the advertisers as Yahoo! revealed that the advertisers will be able to “create personalized brand experiences with ads that adapt and respond to user interaction and combine the interactivity of a tablet with a brand building, TV-like, ad experience.” Would Google come out with something to counter battle this?

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