Photo of Osama bin Laden’s body Will Not Be Released

I guess I’m not the only one demanding for a picture of Osama’s death. As I have mentioned time and time again I was a bit hesitant upon hearing the news… Even sort of ashamed of myself because instead of rejoicing, I was criticizing. I had my reasons of course for wanting to see the photo. It wasn’t because I want to see him mutilated, God knows I’m not a violent person. It wasn’t because the best way for me to feel the revenge on terrorists is to see them dead. Rather it was because I’d  have peace of mind and belief when I see that he is actually gone forever, and that justice has been served rightfully.

Anyway, of course they have reasons why they won’t release the photo. NBC news reporter Luke Russert announces on his Twitter account a message from Courtney Kube, one of his colleagues: “U.S. official says that they are still deciding whether to release a still photo of dead #BinLaden it may b 2 graphic”

Should the Photo be Released?
Too graphic? Then censor some parts, I just really want to see that he’s dead. I need proof. That’s what I thought to myself, and I’m sure that’s what a lot of people were thinking also. All of us, especially the American citizens, need to move on from the devastating tragedy that this man has brought and the only way for that to happen is to see the proof that Osama is dead.

Russert later on tweeted, “House Intel Comt member tells me decision not to release #OBL death pic grounded in not wanting to create photographic “martyr status.”

Luke Russert Shared Why Obama Said No To Releasing Photos
In a taped interview of CBS News’ Mark Knoller with President Obama, Obama states “We don’t trot out trophies…. We don’t need to spike the football.”

Reading that made me realize all the wrong reasons if they do decide to post the photo. Although what Osama did was highly unforgiveable, posting that photo would just make Americans and the rest of the world stoop down to his level. Sure my reasons for wanting the picture might be innocent, but not everyone will think that way. With the internet and technology today, the kind of response that the photo would get would be intense and it will hype up people’s hatred even more. I realized that the only way to really move on… Is to let it go.

Well you know how that Bible verse goes… Blessed are those who haven’t seen, but believe.
Or something like that.

On a side note… I really hate that Obama and Osama have only one letter different in the spelling. I get so confused who’s the terrorist and who’s the president.

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