Pinterest enters social networking websites race! Lucky newcomer?

40 times growth over six months for a newcomer is a pretty good indicator in all kind of areas, and if it comes to social networking sites it really catching! So, who is the “new” Facebook competitor? Pinterest, is a social networking site, one of Palo Alto based start-ups, that features an “online pinboard” interface. In nutshells, Pinterest is an invitation-only website that allows users create their own pin board by “pinning” products they found browsing the web. The pinboard is organized in themes and might contain everything you are interested in life starting form your personal workout tips, trendy jeans you wanna buy on Christmas sales, parties you are interested to go etc. Friends can visit your pinboard and re-pin some items from your boar to their own.

While Google+ and Tumblr attracts more or less the same visitors like Facebook, users profile of Pinterest is quite different. The interesting statistics is that Pinterest appeals to young women in the first place! More than half of the users (59 percent) are women, and it is not surprise that home decor, craft, fashion and food are the most popular categories.

According to Hitwise report, Pinterest had 31, 788. 893 visitors on November whereas Google+ had 31, 748. 905 and Tumblr – 25, 716.031. As for a start-up the future is promising since it already raised more that $37 million in funding from a who’s who list of venture capitalists, including Andreessen Horowitz, Bessemer Venture Partners, Ron Conway, Max Levchin and Michael Birch.

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