PinView turns your Facebook Timeline into a Pinterest Board

Ever wanted to turn Facebook into a Pinterest Board? The new Facebook app PinView is letting users to display their News Feed, Time Lime, Friends list and multimedia pages into showcases images on Pinboards.

Pinterest is a successful social networking service where members can ‘pin’ images, videos and other objects to their pinboard. The Facebook app PinView resembles Pinterest so your wall is turning into a visual platform. If you are using Pinterest, you will definitely notice it. Even when you ‘like’ a post, on the upper right-hand corner will appear a banner that reads ‘Liked’. Moreover, by adding a comment has also the same effect as in Pinterest.

According to Thomas Petersen, the creator of PinView:

“We created PinView because we wanted to do some experiments with the Facebook feed. The inspiration was, of course, the success of Pinterest. The actual design pattern that Pinterest is using isn’t really new, but it’s solid and we thought it would be interesting to try and see how it would work with Facebook.”

It takes a few seconds to install this app and then your Facebook will be turned into rectangles. If you search for friends, that person’s results will show up as a Pinterest board.

So what the difference between PinView and Pinterest? Actually there are only fewer pictures of food and furniture’s on the Facebook app PinView.

Besides PinView, there are already similar alternatives for Pinterest such as Pinvolve and Friendsheet. As Thomas Petersen said: “It’s popular because it allow you to quickly scan lots of pictures; that is the strength of this format. It’s not something Pinterest invented, but they found the proper use for it.

What is your opinion of PinView? Would you download this Facebook app?

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