Popular video sharing app Viddy officially hits Facebook’s Timeline

Viddy, referred as the ‘Instagram for video’ is announcing its Timeline app. Now this app will show up on your Timeline, News Feed and Ticker. The creator of Viddy, JJ Aguhob announced that this app has already reached 1.6 million active users and said that Viddy would be very unique on the Timeline as people like telling stories through videos. It would even be interesting for companies as well to post media on their Timeline though!

The idea behind Timeline is to create a journey of your life.  According to the co-founder O’brien:

The real opportunity is around what Viddy is uniquely doing in mobile video, allowing you to capture video and share it easily. Now with Facebook Timeline, you have this incredible social canvas, a great place to share memorable moments of your life whether it be stories, photos, or in our case videos. We think videos are the most powerful type of media, and sharing them with your friends and family is a really powerful combination with the publishing power of Facebook.

Viddy’s videos have certain options such as ‘Like’, ‘comment’, ‘share’ and ‘follow’. This way of sharing your video fits perfectly into Timeline, because it will show a chronology of people’s lives. However, the videos are currently limited to 15- seconds…..But no worries! These 15 seconds would be different compared with other 15-seconds videos because there will be editing tools and productions packs in order to make your 15-seconds video very impressive and unique. There will be three special effects filters like vintage, b&w and crystal. You can download several more free effect tools from within the app as well. This is what O’Brien said about the quality of the video:

The quality of the content on Viddy is so interesting and entertaining, however the video itself isn’t always so compelling. By giving you one-click editing tools and production packs, it makes the average video look really great.

So would 15-seconds be enough for you? Just get your smartphone and start to make your own personalized video to share it with your friends on Facebook Timeline!

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