PotterMore – A Website Playground For You, Harry Potter Fans!

J.K.Rowling  is going to release the website “Pottermore” soon to continue satisfying your crave for Harry Potter’s story.

Pottermore will be a series of illustrated environments, themed around Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Rowling will let you know background details on characters and settings that she has been hiding for years in the website. For example, the reason Harry’s uncle is called Vernon Dursley and who is Prof. Minerva McGonagal’s early heartbreak will be revealed when you click around and find out hidden treasures in the website.

You will start exploring from Pivet Drive and continue to Hogwarts School of Witch craft and Wizardry after you got a wand. Sorting Hat will assign a House to you after answering a series a character testing questions written by Rowling herself.

E-books of Harry Potter will also be sold for the first time in the website.

It really sounds interesting, isn’t it? The website will be released on 31st July which is the birthday of  Mr. Potter.  I am really excited about this. Few days more… Yeah!

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