Productivity: Google Apps and Office 365

Google Apps for Business is providing products and services which offer unique benefits for developing business needs. Everything what your business need such as cost effective productivity tools and building your business with totally secure would be included.

The rise of Google Apps is a great innovation for businesses. Users can work more in an efficient and simple way with their major cloud service.  However, after Google Apps launched more and more competitors are trying to switch from desktop to cloud services such as Microsoft, the dominator of the PC market.

Microsoft has been for a long time the dominator in the PC market. Last year in 2011, they have launched Office 365 in order to migrate from Desktop to the cloud. Microsoft doesn’t have to worry about its users since it would be trustworthy for users to migrate from Microsoft BPOS to Office 365. Microsoft Office is already familiar for a lot of companies so this is a huge advantage, perhaps companies need to give Google Apps a chance and try at least try the ’30 days free trail’ to experience the cloud-based productivity of Google Apps for business.  I totally understand that it is safe to stay with Microsoft; however costs and productivity affect your business as well.

Office 365: Migration from desktop to the Cloud

Google Apps for business:  Online collaboration tool in the Cloud

Today, productivity seems the key in its business and Google Apps will let users be able to collaborate in and outside the office in real-time. It doesn’t matter which device you use as Google Apps can be used wherever you are using a web browser with Internet connection.

Security features are really relevant to keep your data safe, secure in your control. Google Apps for Business is providing exceptional security and guarantees and now Google Apps for Business has received ISO 27001 certification for their cloud security! ISO 27001 is one of the most widely recognized, internationally accepted independent security standards for systems, technology, processes and data centres.  Google can be now recognized as a company who can invest in security at a scale that is difficult for many businesses.


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