Protocol.By – Let people know how to best contact you


Whether it’s Business or Personal, Serious or Casual you don’t want to miss any of your messages.  Business cards and Personal calling cards are good but isn’t it great to have all your contact details in just one place so you can easily be reached?

Protocol.By is a web service lets you tell everyone how to easily get in touch with you.  Just go to their website and choose a username, Reserve you own protocol address and List the ways to contact you.  You can sort the list so that people will know the order in which you can be easily be reached.

You can start adding your contact details (Ex. Mobile, Landline, Fax, Email, Home and Office Address)Once all information has been entered, paste your link to your existing signature or on any of your public profiles such as Facebook and Twitter.  It’s convenient and fast.  Your friends, customers, acquaintances just have to click on the link and they will be directed to a page that will detail your contact information.

You can paste your link in your status bar on GChat, Skype, AIM and other places as a polite way of saying how and when you want to be contacted.  You can also embed your protocol as a badge on your site.

Now, the world can easily contact you.


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