PSA: Google now offers 24/7 phone support for the Play Store

Need some support for apps, books, movies or music? Google Play is now offering 24/7 phone support for their users!

Google Mountain View is offering phone support for the Google Play store. Users can get support if they are having issue with Play Store transactions such as movies, music, books or apps. Users have to make sure that this service is only for Play Store related issues and not for problems with Android-related problems. So don’t contact the phone support if you are having problems with your phone though.

This 24/7 phone support is unfortunately not worldwide available. It is only available in four countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. I recommend users to contact Google if they want their country to be added on the list. However, I think Google will expand their service in the future as this is a great service!

To make us of this service, users will not receive any number of this phone support. Users need to fill in a form within their name, telephone number, product, a description of the problem and then they will be called by a specialist. But how much time would it take to be called by the phone support? However, this Click 2 Call service will put  the right specialist directly to the right person which it will save some time.

So would you make use of this service when you having some problems with Play Store?


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