Pursuit and Facebook

For us job hunters we know that finding a perfect job, a job that we want to wake up to is not easy; for the head hunters, the story is no different. Companies now slowly move away from the classified section in the newspaper to using various online websites to the use of LinkedIn. Founders of Pursuit realizes the power and potential of social media to the companies and to the candidates,  thus, Pursuit is going to act as a hub for companies to find a perfect candidate using Facebook as a tool.

I can still remember the news about Singapore Airlines forbidding their flight attendants to discuss work-related issues on Facebook, this is just one part of the proof that social media is coming strong. Since people spend some part of their time updating their life, profile, pictures, statuses, and what not, why not use Facebook as a mean to offer jobs and scan the candidates? Pursuit does just that, allowing companies to post jobs and sourcing the appropriate candidates for the companies to review.

Rumour has it that the founders of Pursuit will be working on a side project with Facebook, whether Pursuit will go on or not, that’s still a question but it is nonetheless, a great idea to find jobs on the social media network, especially when there’s an extra help from such applications. Have you ever gotten a job through to the use of the social media? What are the tips?

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