Qwiki introduces multimedia storytelling

Qwiki, the simple way to combine blogs, articles and videos is found by Doug Imbruce, Qwiki. This site can be an ‘information experience’ for everyone.

Today, the digital world is full of blogs, articles and videos and now the new platform Qwiki is offering users a new interactive combination of multimedia storytelling.  Once the public beta version is released, then everyone has the ability to make ‘Qwikis’.

It seems a bit like Wikipedia were users can jump happily and easily from link to link by reading from Roman Empire to medical information. However, Qwiki consists of a combination of text, pictures and video. Everyone can sign up for an account and create a multimedia storytelling. Every Qwiki can be named by a topic and then can add up to six pieces of media. You can look up for any topic you want at the ‘search bar’ on top.

According to Doug Imbruce who told ABC News : “We believe in a web that is more personal and more engaging. We think the way we get there is by blending the interactive appeal of a web page with the appeal of video’’.

As I said, everyone can create a Qwiki, not only for amateur content makers, but also professionals. Professionals can create a visual and multimedia story which can create their content in a new way. Qwiki is proving information in a slideshow on a topic with facts pulled from other media courses such as interactive summaries, places etc.  In this way, people can lean across the world to feel and enjoy the ‘information experience’.

The Qwiki app is now available for download for iOS at the App Store and more then 3.000.000 topics are ready for you. Or take a look at their website to look for some Qwiki’s and tell us your information experience.



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