Random Facebook Question Gets 4 Million Votes

Recently your Facebook walls have been flooding with random questions made by random users. Facebook redesigned this Questions feature to make it more simple and viral – which pretty much worked. One question asked by a random Facebook user garnered four million votes in the last two weeks. It obviously spread far beyond her friends list. So how did this popularity with a single poll come about?

Heather Marie Hollingsworth, a Facebook user, posted on April 2, “Cleaning out my friends list in the next few days… Do you wanna stay?” with the options “Yes, keep me,” “Don’t Care” and “No, not really.” This morning, “Yes, keep me” is winning by millions, with 3.98 million votes out of a total 4.11 million.

It’s either she really planned this to be viral, or it was just a successful appeal to human insecurities. The latter seems more probable. Hollingsworth doesn’t seem to be looking for any form of popularity – her public profile information is kept to a minimum and she simply describes herself as a 23-year old mother of two. So yeah, good job Facebook! It became viral because every time someone voted on the poll, a notification about their vote is automatically posted to their friend’s news feeds. As a result, people assume that this was a question made by one of their friends and… You get it. It just gives you an idea how the Facebook world can get a little bit crazy.

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