Ready, Set, HBO GO

My favorite movie channel of all time? HBO. HBO always shows the movies that I love… From Harry Potter to Chasing Liberty, Batman to Click. The only thing I hate about HBO is when I miss their shows because I’m out of the house… Well that’s not entirely their fault, but they still thought of a solution to the problem anyway. Beginning May, HBO subscribers can finally access streaming content via iOS and Android devices.

Earlier this month, the channel started to run teaser advertisements for its HBO GO iOS and Android apps. The app offers “instant and unlimited access” to “every episode of every season of your favorite HBO shows.” This app is part of its overall digital strategy, aiming to keep its product exclusive but at the same time still offering flexibility for subscribers. “HBO believes in content exclusivity, especially for high-value content,” says Jeff Cusson, HBO’s VP of corporate affairs. ” That’s our rationale for not selling streaming rights to a competing subscription service.

Expect the HBO GO for iOS and Android to become available on May 2… If you live in the U.S. For us Asians, we have yet to wait until this service is available for us.

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