Rebecca Black’s “Friday” now for $2.99

What? I need to pay to watch that “Friday” video? yah, but that was 3 hours ago.

The song “Friday” by Rebecca Black was set to be rent for $2.99 but the rental was cancelled shortly after that.

TechCrunch came up with three explanation for why it was set to be rent previously:

  • Rebecca Black’s recording company, Ark Music Factory was trying the YouTube Rental feature for a few hours in order to catch some attention from media.
  • It was simply caused by a computer bug in YouTube.
  • Black’s camp turned on the rental feature as an accident and quickly turn it off again when media found it.

I think the first explanation sounds interesting and it is quite possible since Ark Music Factory is good in exploiting social media to spark up press coverage, just like the case for the viral video of “Friday”.

Actually there is also a possibility that the company really want to rent the video. But it definitely won’t work as I believe nobody would like to pay to watch a person sing about all the weekdays or front seat and back seat.


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