Rechner App: World’s first gesture based calculator for iOS

Aeliox has created a gesture-based calculator app for the iPhone called the Rechner Calculator. This is new iOS app is fully gestural and designed for a touchscreen. So just use your gestures to draw your calculation within a few seconds!

According to the creators of Rechner Calculator, this would be 200% more efficient than a regular calculator.  The commonly-used buttons would be replaced by easy swipe gestures such as:  left to right for addition, right to left for subtraction, upwards to calculate, and a two-fingered swipe in any direction to clear the screen.

As you can see on the image, they have created four basic gestures: + / – / = / clear. The rest of the calculator functions are hidden in an easily accessible drawer: x / ÷ / ± / √ / % / erase.

The design of this calculator is simple and it brings a bit of elegance. This calculator is black-and-white designed with a yellow circle in the middle which is responding smoothly after each gesture. It is a cool effect though!

Rechner Calculator could be efficient and useful if you take some time to learn the swipes. I think it could only be useful for users who are willing to toy around first with this app. However, this app is not free….The Appstore is offering this app for $0.99 . So would you buy this app to check this out?


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