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The ‘Like,’ button hype definitely inspired a lot of ideas and since its birth, many creations has arrived. One of the tools that the ‘Like,’ button act as is that it lets your friends see what you like and in a way,  it is a way to recommend your friends about new places or things., takes the concept of sharing is caring further by acting as a recommendation hub for you and your friends. believes that your friends know the best of what you might like; after all, they are your friends. Most of the time, your friends would also have something to say about where to go shop, eat, drink, to even who you should get in touch with in order to fix something. You on the other hand, may not need to know the information right now but in the future, these recommendations can come in handy, and that is where comes to play.

Users can sign in to with their Facebook account or sign up on the website itself with their e-mail. Once signed up, users can then begin to share things with their friends; the things they share will be separated into categories, making it easier for their friends to navigate. These recommendations not only can be viewed online but it can also be delivered via SMS. You as a user looking for recommendations can pick what you want to be included or excluded.

The service also offers an ‘Expert,’ option where users can sign up to be ‘Experts,’ in other words; they can recommend what they know best. has been in private Beta for the past couple months and has been launched today. If you haven’t sign up for yet, try it and share your sharing experience.

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