Reduce Your Carbon Footprints for Rewards with Earth Aid

I have always been a big fan of sustainability, going green, saving the planet one light bulb at a time and all things related to reducing the effect of global warming. Earth Aid is smart enough to convince and motivate the people to reduce their usage of electricity and water by giving them rewards and freebies each time they cut down the bills.

Let’s face it, the whole concept of sustainability doesn’t appeal to many people, in fact, some of us may even feel like there is no ending to the resources, I mean we have, after all, lived of it the past few centuries, what’s a few more? Earth Aid uses the most basic appeal of human nature, freebies; we love free things, discounts, and that penny saving skills do exist in some of us. Having realized that, Earth Aid acts as an application for householders to sign up, update their utility bills, and voila, the game of reducing the carbon footprint begins.

This hassle free service displays graph of your energy usage each month, and the more you save on the electricity, water, and gas bills, the more points you earned. These points can then be redeemed for products from local businesses to internationally known brands such as Dove and Starbucks.

The concept of sustainability as we know it, does not only stop at being environmental friendly but it also involves a stable economic, Earth Aid, recently received at least $4 million funding from U.S. Green Building Council which proves the economic stability of the company. “We’re really serious about finding a sustainable way — not just environmentally but economically, to deliver these solutions and this opportunity to people,” Ben Bixby, CEO of Earth Aid adds.

There are still questions that rely on whether Earth Aid is really a genuine tool for people to reduce the carbon footprint or is it just an application to gain profit for the company and increase the already overwhelming consumption habits of the world. What do you think about this concept of going green to get freebies?

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