Reebok App Helps You Lose the Extra Pounds through Peer Pressure

People say that social media is great way to hold yourself accountable for weight-loss goals. I personally can attest to that. A lot of kind-hearted strangers have helped me along the way in losing those extra pounds and let me tell you, it is a huge help. Perhaps Reebok saw this window of opportunity to launch their new app, The Promise Keeper, which helps the user in taking that run he had previously scheduled.

This app is available on the iPhone and the Android. The app notifies your Facebook friends and Twitter followers when your next planned run is. If you don’t then the app tells them that too. The downside of this app is that it is based on the honest-is-the-best-policy system. You are required to tell the Promise Keeper that you have finished your run by pushing a finish button. The app can also track your runs through your GPS and save your running history so that you can see your progress.

Reebok suggests that through peer pressure, the Promise Keeper will be able to keep you loyal to your goals. Unless you want your friends nagging you daily to keep your routine in check then you have no choice but to really run. Get that lazy butt up and show them you”re a man of your word!

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