Restaurants’ takeout menus made interactive via QR codes

Los Angeles-based Paperlinks has launched a new service via QR codes to order takeout menus at restaurants. So, are printed menus and waitresses no longer needed?

Nowadays, many people use their smartphone for everything like to share their culinary experiences or search for more information about restaurants. Therefore, many restaurants use QR codes as their marketing tool, so people can get all the information within one scan. As you already know, QR codes are all over the place like on a poster, printed menu, bus stops or advertisement. It is very common that restaurants already have adopted QR codes to increase brand recall.

By scanning the QR codes it would provide information about the menus, dishes and contact information or even the website can popup. But now Paperlinks is providing a new service which you can order takeout menus via QR code. People who are using a smartphone can get access to the interactive menu where you can find the menu, daily specials, place orders and at the end you can  pay via Paperlinks checkout card as well. Once you make a order it will be sent by fax or e-mail to the counter of the restaurant. This could save some time.  However, Paperlinks is only offering a free application for Iphone users , but not for the Android users . The free application for Android users will be coming soon.

Apparently, people could have less human contact when they make use of this service. However, people would have the interactive menu all the time on their smartphone, which will save some time. Can you imagine that? Or is this new technology a way to make life simpler and faster?


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