– modern version of view master

For those of you who grew up in the 80s, do you miss the fun of playing with view-master?  I have found an apps that work like a view-master and you can share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook instantly with just a few clicks.Let me introduce you the RetrollectApp.



RetrollectApp is a mobile apps that allow you to display your photos, tweets, or the status updates on a “Retrollect disc” with slideshows.It is just like  putting tiny slides  into the disc for the view -master. Nevertheless, the best thing about it is you can now share it immediately with anyone who you like with  just a few clicks. Also RetrollectApp is available for iOS and Android.

With Retrollect, you can now create your own piece of  “Retrocollect disc” for your own life experiences, be it a overseas trip, anniversary celebration, memorable concert, graduation ceremonies,etc.  When you look at these visual mash-up of your life years later, you will thank RetrollectApp.




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