Revamping your SEO Paradigm in 2011

Revamping your SEO Paradigm in 2011
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Search is perhaps the biggest industry in the world that is almost entirely dependent on a few large enterprises. Billions of dollars worth of businesses directly depend on what a Google or a Microsoft may think is right. Algorithmic shifts, changes in policies, addition of new ranking factors OR common derivatives of what is encouraged and what is not – have long baffled the millions of webmasters around the globe who depend on search rankings to earn their food.

It’s a good thing perhaps, that if you have started an online business in 2011, you are soon going to have to find other means of earning traffic outside of your organic SEO efforts. Traffic generated from SEO – is after all, just traffic. It’s a way for people to find you. The most common misunderstood element of SEO is that of a set and forget paradigm. Its wrong – and I can vouch the success stories behind such business models are certainly rare. There are no end of efforts in any business, and that is perhaps the most important mindset a new webmaster can start adapting to in the new year.

However, staying in focus – a lot has changed in 2009-2010. The May Day updates, the Caffeine updates, Google Instant and additions of certain ranking factors have coerced webmasters into spending sleepless nights and career spitting decisions. If you are launching a brand new site in 2011 – its probably high time you don’t reckon organic SEO traffic as the holy grail to your success. If you perceive SEO as the ONLY driving factor to the success of your business, I can only suggest one advise: paradigm change. Many would point the search engines as a terrific source of laser targeted leads – and while totally agreeing to that, you have got to understand its not the only source of qualified prospects.

A post about paradigm change should be concise and while getting swayed away is totally not cool – you should be mentally prepared NOT to put all eggs in the SEO basket when the success of your business is in context. Since everyone loves to read a list these days, here are 3 fantastic alternatives to organic SEO – and the Pros involved with each (with some cons):

Social Media: Do the search engines buy your product, subscribe to your lists or even click your Ads? No, people does – and 500 million of them flock in Facebook alone. It is estimated that well over a Billion people are registered with some sort of social media platforms today, spending countless hours socializing over the web (aka acting as totally red hot prospects). So when one sixth of the World Population is hooked into the social media of some kind – what do you reckon the chances of business potentials are? Social Media marketing is NOT a passing fad, and as more people are realizing the power of the people – growing is the list of success stories. Make yourself a part before its too late.

PPC: What organic search optimization can take months to accomplish, PPC can do in minutes. And if those qualified SEO traffic do attract your business model, PPC can do too, and better. Contrary to popular belief – Search advertising is not devastating for your capital, and when done right, can be the best thing that ever happened to your business. Via proper ROI adjustments, optimized Pay per Click advertising in the most popular search engines can redefine your business. While it is true that PPC requires money to invest, hey – so does SEO ( even MORE in the longer terms). So tap into the search marketing game if the situations are right, because surely your competitors are.

Content Syndication: Nothing gets more attention than compelling, tasty and enthralling content. The right content may result in higher search rankings, massive social interactions and deluges of attractive prospects. Crafting viral media content takes a lot of expertise, and although no upsell intended, experts are not that hard to find these days. 😉

Happy New Year 2011.

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