Revolution Mosaic App: 360000 photos to create one image

This Revolution Mosaic app is going to crowd source 360,000 iOS photos in one image. It allows iPhone users from all around the world to be a part of this cool gigantic photo mosaic.

The entire population is connected by our mobile phones while in the early 1990’s there were less than 0.1% of the population owned a mobile phone. Really amazing that the world is changing that fast. However, we cannot deny that the mobile phone is changing photography as you can see on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Ian Tuason, Founder of mobile startup Barrel Man Apps, Inc. said:

“We are the first of our kind – an entire generation connected by our mobile phones. We must leave our mark with future generations. We have to let them know where and when the mobile craze all started, which is here and now.”


The Revolution Mosaic is  an iPhone app that will bring 360,000 photos together into one gigantic photo mosaic. It will be launched in the App Store in May, 2012 and will invite iPhone users to submit their photo on this app.

So how does it work?

”When the revolution begins, and the app launches, it will display an empty white space at first. It will be up to mobile users like you to fill that white space with photos from your phone. When you upload a photo, it will appear as a tiny dot in the white space of your screen. Everyday, as users from around the world keep uploading photos, the number of dots will increase until a mosaic begins to form. At any time, you can pinch and zoom into the mosaic like a map, and clearly see the tiny photos that make up the larger mosaic.”

”Once 320,000 photos are uploaded, the mosaic will be full. And then 1 photo will be chosen from the 320,000 to be the main photo mosaic image. If you’re a part of the Revolution Mosaic, then this image could be of you.”

At the end of this project, the final mosaic will be printed out as 48″ by 72″ mural poster that can be viewed and purchased through the app, the website, or in commercial art galleries.

So do you want to be a part of this iconic work of art? It is cool to create a mosaic which consists of photos of all the iPhone users all over the world. This is actually a great project, however will this app receive 360,000 photos?


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