Samsung’s LCD Fridge With Apps

Mobile phones with apps, tablets with apps, browser with apps, but now ………. fridge with apps? Yes, Samsung thinks fridge deserves apps too.

What’s special about this app fridge is that it has an 8-inch Wi-Fi supported LCD screen that features Pandora, Twitter apps and some other apps built by Samsung such as Memos, Photos, Epicurious, Calendar, WeatherBug, AP.

Photos, memos, saved dates that you will usually stick to the surface of fridge can now digitally stored and displayed with the apps. You can transfer pictures to the device via Wi-Fi and display it as a slideshow using Samsung’s AllShare software. The process only take less than 15 seconds.

As for the memo app, you can use it to create reminders for your family members. A touchscreen will appear for text inputs in both the Calendar and Memo apps. You can choose to input text with your finger or a stylus.

The other handy app will be the Epicurious app that allow you to search food recipes by keywords or ingredients. Also, you can browse through the recipes one by one.

Having Pandora on fridge is quite cool expecially when you can play music with it during home party.However, it is not so user-friendly as you won’t be able to create custom stations from the fridge. You will need to add the station to your account from your computer. The same goes for Twitter. You can only read but can’t tweet.

This Samsung LCD refrigerator with apps comes in 2 models.  Four door model costs $3,499 and two door model cost $2,699.

What do you think about this product? Fridge with apps….


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