Schemer – Google’s Answer to Foursquare & Facebook Events

Without missing a beat among the introductions of various new features such as Youtube’s redesign, a face recognition system for images, and the integration of Google + with Gmail, the Google team has also been busy rolling out a brand new member of the Google family, Schemer.

Toted by the public as Google’s answer to foursquare, Schemer is where one would go to discover new things to do, and share activities already done or on a to-do list with other schemers. Ever wondered what to do with your free time, or bored with the activities you usually do? Schemer is your place to be.

Just unveiled days ago, Schemer is currently still in a Beta test stage and is only available for exploration by invite only. It has however caught the attention of the World Wide Web and is inciting curiosity with its diabolical theme and ambiguous write ups regarding its exact functions, no doubt the result of a clever move by Google marketing team in line the theme of ‘discovery’ in Schemer.

Future plans for the site include the classification of schemes by location and for an algorithm to be applied for Schemer to suggest schemes in accordance with the interests and location of the user. In addition, Schemer has also engaged partners like Bravo, Entertainment Weekly, Food Network, IGN, LifeHacker, National Geographic among others to kick-start the scheming, with more to come in the future.

The reaction to Schemer has largely been that of curiosity so far and those in-the-know have dismissed the site due to the lack of development in its features, but do not dismiss Google’s new baby prematurely, we may have on our hands here the new place to be on the web. With an attractive and interactive interface (complete with a cool animated landing page), ease of use, development in its filtering capabilities ala Facebook Events accompanied by an air of mystery and mischief around the brand, I personally believe that Schemer will appeal to the curious nature of netizens, particularly the younger crowd.

While it is far too early to predict what Schemer will be able to do once it is fully released, it looks set to contest for the top spot in the list of ‘things-to-do’ sites against similar sites like foursquare and Facebook Events.

Bring on the scheming and may the best site win.

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