Search Faster On Your Mobile Device With Google’s Mobile Updates

Mobile search is increasing in the past two years since more and more Smartphones were brought into the market.

People don’t only search for simple information such as weather updates anymore. Mobile devices has become a tool to replace search engine on the desktop anytime anywhere.

So, Google came up with new features of its mobile search to keep it up with us.

For location based searches, Google makes it easier by introducing new shortcuts to frequently searched categories such as restaurants, cafe and bars, in the form of icons on the mobile google homepage. Besides, you will see markers for your current location and places around on the result map. The map stays at the top of the page when you scroll through the result too.



In addition, now suggested phrases can be added to the search box so that you can “build” your keyword bit by bit easily.


These new mobile features are now available on on Android (version 2.2+) and iOS (version 4.0+) in 40 languages globally.

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