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Facebook is by far, the biggest social media website in the globe currently powered by more than 500 million active users. Facebook in Singapore for example, reaches a staggering 48.3% of the entire nation’s population. Such figures coupled with the amazing targeting capability of Facebook Ads have made the social media giant one of the most revered marketing destinations for companies to earn leads, revenue and respect, and to take business conversations to the next level. Ideaverse offers the most impressive range of Facebook Marketing in Singapore and elsewhere, ensuring clients enjoy the results they seek – without worrying about the technical details. From developing spectacular custom Facebook Pages in Singapore to managing Facebook Advertisement and Campaigns in full scales– Ideaverse Singapore Facebook Marketing and Advertisement Solutions is an end-to-end, full array of services designed to yield results.

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What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook Advertising Solutions let companies target their audience deeper taking highly detailed demographics and specific social interests into account. Such unprecedented targeting abilities allow advertisers to reach relevant audiences and increase the potential of conversion and branding. Check out how it works:

Why Facebook Marketing?

Because Facebook is the ONLY marketing platform in the world, where:

  • Up to 500 million people can be targeted at personal levels
  • Audience can be targeted according to favourable demographics, interests and age level
  • For example, A female between age 18-21, who likesx and y and is from country AA and city xx can be precisely targeted
  • Business conversations can be accomplished in a friendly approach
  • The same platform can be used for branding, lead generation and revenue stream
  • Very high level of conversions can be achieved due to deeper targeting
  • Where…half the population of Singapore can be targeted



Ideaverse Singapore Facebook Marketing Services

Custom Facebook Page Design in Singapore

Custom Facebook Page Design

Ideaverse can help create the perfect Facebook pages for your business – accurately depicting the vibe required to achieve respective goals. By using FBML and other advanced software engineering paradigms, Ideaverse deploys Facebook pages which scores high in conversions, depicts creativity of your Brand and act as the mainstay of the lead generation charts for your business.

Social Media Manager

Dedicated Social Media Managers

When questions demand a response, they need to be answered in a way which speaks well of your business. Thanks to our trained social media managers, Ideaverse can help your company build relationships based on trust and knowledge, and not hype and mischief. Ideaverse offers the most respectable and collaborative managed services for Social Media Managers in Singapore and elsewhere, so that companies can send the right messages to the desired communities, without being worried about bills.

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Spectacular Designs

By employing highly creative designers from around the globe, Ideaverse helps companies to create eye catchy and professional design sets to tweak visitor mindsets, enabling optimum attention to required details. Good design form the basis of any successful Facebook Campaign, and Ideaverse can help you achieve stunning graphics for all your Facebook endeavours.

Facebook Analytics and Reporting

Facebook Analytics and Reporting

Thanks to the advanced analytical features making Advertisement campaigns fully measurable, Ideaverse Singapore can help companies keep track of their expenditure and have proper accounts of the exact Returns over Investment. Detailed reports are crafted regularly to help companies make sound decisions and enable them to devise long term social media marketing strategies based on tangible results.

Facebook Ad Solutions

Managed Facebook Advertisement Solutions

The performance of the Facebook Ads depend on elements as likeable Ad Copies, landing page optimization, keyword optimization and setting/tweaking of proper Call to actions. Not that you can live without them either. It is imperative that the Ads perform well since all the ads are social in nature; and more people like them – more exposure the Ad units get, along with a gradual decline in costs incurred. Thanks to Ideaverse Singapore Managed Facebook Ad campaigns, companies can enjoy steady growth and credibility for their business name leaving the experts to handle the performance of their Ads.

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