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Google Apps Authorized Reseller SingaporeGoogle Apps can help your company achieve the benefits of an enterprise-class email, calendar and collaborative solution, less the hassles. With huge storage spaces, absolute compliance, total data security and the best spam fighting network in the world – almost 3 million businesses have converted to Google Apps with thousands more converting every day. Being Google’s challenge to a Microsoft Exchange alternative, the leading technology company in the world is actively engaged in ever improving and updating Google App solutions. Ideaverse depicts as the premier company to setup Google Apps in Singapore and elsewhere regardless of the size of your company, and the in-house experts can help make the transition seamless and without losing any archive data or operational efficiency. Google Apps is the industry’s leading enterprise solution for big corporations and SMEs alike – especially renowned for its impeccable boost to productivity which comes with an amazing price. Everything is hosted on the cloud, almost nothing can go wrong and certainly, your company is soaring to hit big with Google Apps.

Google Apps Setup in Singapore

What is Google Apps?

Google Apps eradicate any in-house IT management requirement for enterprise software solutions, thus saving time, and money. The video explains:

Why Google Apps?

Let the facts speak for itself:

  • More than 30,000,000 people actively uses Google Apps
  • 3 million+ Businesses use Google Apps
  • Google Apps costs 1/3rd that of other mainstream services.
  • 50 times higher storage compared to the industry average
  • Mobile Ready email solutions, Instant Messaging and Calendar access
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime reliability
  • Industry’s leading Data Security with Synchronous replication technology

Why Google Apps with Ideaverse

Google Apps Benefits

Reap the full benefits of Google Apps

Ideaverse can help in creating the perfect blueprint for companies to benefit from Google Apps. The in-house Google Apps and Information Analysts study the full scope of current operations and consults how and where Google Apps can be relevant and beneficial. This effectively ensures companies can fully utilize Google Apps and enjoy the promised increase in collaboration, efficiency and security.

Google Apps Migration

Google Apps Migration Experts

Ideaverse ensures optimum transfer of all existing and archive data, and help maintain total data and information integrity of the current state when moving to the Google Apps platform. Such perfect sync is a crucial step to retain crucial organizational structures, and help maintain the operations smoothly during the transition. With Ideaverse controlling the Google Apps transfer – no emails are lost, all archive data is retained and operations continue as it should.

Google Apps Training in Singapore

Specialists in Google App Training

Being the primary deterrent of an enterprise wide installation, Ideaverse employs expert Google Apps instructors to make the training phase fun, interesting, interactive and most importantly, On-Premise. The main goal is to ensure employees increase their overall efficiency in daily operations, and with the extremely amiable Ideaverse instructors, it is guaranteed no processes are difficult to master, even for the most non-tech savvy personnel. Instead they become more efficient, more collaborative and have a drastic increase in their overall productivity.

Google Apps is affordable

Ensure Your Company Saves Money with Google Apps

One of the main USP of Google Apps remains the affordability factor. However with inefficient deployment, companies can leak resources and continue to lose the operational edge which Google Apps promises. Thanks to Ideaverse, such cases are as good as extinct. Ideaverse deploys Google Apps in the most cost effective manner, engaging advanced engineering and following Google approved guidelines to ensure Google Apps not only make entire corporations productive, but comes easy with the bills.

Google Apps After Sales Support

Total Support and Assistance

Despite a total maintenance free platform, companies do need assistance to fix quarks and deployment issues from time to time. Ideaverse firmly believes in providing total support and assistance after deployment projects are finished and companies can rest knowing Ideaverse got their back when they need.

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