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In the rapidly evolving mobile application market, your company may portray a severe lack of vision if you haven’t thought about a presence in the mobile space. Smart mobile device markets have exploded to be the definitive medium of how businesses and communications are to be carried out in the future – and if you haven’t yet achieved a firm presence in the mobile application market, with all certainty, it’s just a matter of time before your competitor does. Being the leading destination of mobile application development in Singapore, Ideaverse employs extremely talented platform-specialized mobile app developers whose inspired work help visionary companies transform their core business functionality into extremely rich and user engaging mobile applications.

Mobile Application Development in SIngapore

Mobile Apps with Ideaverse

With specialized Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone iOS platform developers, Ideaverse carries out all phases of the app development lifecycle following certified engineering processes. From specification, architecture, design, coding, deployment and testing – Ideaverse ensures all projects are carried out in extremely organized manner. With its exemplary end-to-end services paradigm, Ideaverse can help you to market the apps and ensure the attention grabbing mobile apps which also rank high in the app-stores and such.

Mobile applications have transformed how business and communications are conducted and how products and software are discovered, distributed and sold worldwide. Whether you want to future-proof your business and ride on the trend however, depends on you.

Do you need mobile apps?

Smart phones are becoming more widespread, and all indications suggest that the tablet PCs and smart phones will act as the most instrumental devices for carrying out business, communications and entertainment of the future. Currently:

  • There are more than 350,000 iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch applications in the App Store
  • 10 Billion+ downloads from the App Store
  • There are more than 150,000 Apps in the Android Market
  • 4 Billion+ downloads from the Android Market
  • Emerging platforms like Windows 7, Blackberry and Nokia Ovi Store will contribute to millions of Apps in the future
  • Total Revenue from the App markets touched $2.2 Billion in 2010
  • Every second, almost 1000 apps are downloaded across the Globe



Ideaverse Singapore Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Application Development across multiple platforms

Equal Proficiency across multiple platforms

The core Ideaverse development team consists of expert developers who specialize in specific platforms ensuring impeccable standards of the final delivery. Ideaverse boasts its expertise across iPhone Application Development, Android Apps, Java Mobile Apps and Windows Mobile 7 Applications to properly implement apps across multiple platforms and guarantee that no one misses out.

Custom Mobile Application Development Ideaverse

Custom Mobile Application Development According to Specifications

Our consultants will readily engage with business owners and representatives to carefully filter through all the requirements so that the core functionality of the business model can be accurately reflected within the application development framework. These sessions ensure the right objectives are achieved and all noises are filtered out – eventually leading towards a rich, user friendly experience.

Mobile Application Development and Design Ideaverse

Design and Wire-framing

The in-house and highly experienced designers of Ideaverse ensure rich user activity and proper presentation across all devices and platforms. Design is an integral first step of the application development lifecycle, and all Ideaverse designers have solid knowledge about each specific platforms. Good design forms the cornerstone of a successful mobile app, and Ideaverse often includes the target group to curve the wire-frames and User Interface.

Mobile Application Development and Design Ideaverse

Engineering and Development

Specialized Ideaverse developers ensure core business requirements are achieved with stunning efficiency within the application modules. Usability is a key issue for mobile apps, and the developers at Ideaverse helps companies achieve highly efficient mobile apps with rich user experience. Employing certified engineering processes and complying with platform specific policies, the final product becomes compatible, glitch free and accepted across the app markets.

Mobile App Development eamwork

Impeccable Project Management and Team Work

Every individual project comprises of at least one dynamic project manager who ensures timeline is met and budgeting constraints are adhered without least affecting the quality. Because of such impeccable organization, Ideaverse never misses deadlines, and also inherently allows the project expenditure to be affordable. Constant client liaison is maintained, and active participation is encouraged across all phases of the engineering process.

Quality Assured Mobile App Develoment

Quality Assurance and Submission

After the project emerges out of the development oven, rigorous QA processes ensure stunningly efficient mobile apps, and active client participation in the testing phase guarantees objectives are met. Ideaverse also identifies policies of every app stores, and helps the client to submit the apps and ensures no revenue is lost because of acceptability issues.

Complete Mobile Application Development Ideaverse

Total App Marketing Solutions

Mobile applications are less useful, if fewer people use them. Thanks to a complete end-to-end solution, Ideaverse can help market the mobile applications and reach the desired popularity. By utilizing some of the most cutting edge services in the most contemporary platforms, Ideaverse can help companies achieve chart topping mobile apps and bring it to the masses. Whether the primary objectives are revenue centric or simple branding, Ideaverse can help your mobile applications to achieve it.

Training and Support for Mobile Application Development

Training and Support

Ideaverse provides total training and support to its clients in the post-handover phase, and carries out multiple training sessions enlightening key features and usage to the clientele employee groups. On premise training and support removes any element of delays when issues arise. In simple words, Ideaverse takes care of its clients, so only objectives are achieved and hassles are eliminated.

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