Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ideaverse specializes in organic Search Engine optimization (SEO) that helps businesses to improve it’s web search ranking in the popular search engines like Google & Bing. Higher search engine ranking enables a business to increase it’s visibility to thousands of brand new laser targeted prospects everyday, resulting in a massive increase in Conversion, Sales & overall ROI.



What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a pretty broad process that involves analyzing your website’s underlying code, site architecture and all the visible content and making enhancements to them so that the your site’s search ranking becomes more prominent in the organic results of search engines like Google and Bing.

Why Do Businesses Need SEO?

Every day, millions of people use the search engines (e.g. Google / Bing) to find products or services that they desire. According to a number of studies, almost 90% of those people will click links on the first page of the search results, among which 88% will only click on sites which are ranked ‘above the fold’ of their screen. Thus often sites ranked on top (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th) will enjoy most of the exposure. Is your corporate website listed on that first page? Is your site ranking for keywords that are more relevant to your business? Are your competitors ranking above you? These are some of the basic questions you should ask yourself in order to realize what is at stake. If your website is one of your primary doorway to bringing in a lot of business prospects for your company, then the way your website is currently ranking should really matter to you. For instance, If you are a local pizza joint for your city and when someone searches for “Home Delivery Pizza” and finds you on top of the search results page, you basically just got yourself a new customer! Yes, Its that simple!

IDEAVERSE Can help you Create A Successful SEO Campaign!

At Ideaverse, we have the knowledge, skills, and a proven process that consistently delivers results. We produce results that deliver a significant increase in traffic and an increasing Return on Investment (ROI). Our team of SEO experts will position your site where it can generate the kind of traffic that will convert to paying customers. We always stick to strategies that are for the ‘long term’, thus we are continually investing in research & development to keep ourselves on top of the ever changing search engine algorithms so that we can implement these changes into your website. We do not try to trick search engines, but rather work with what we know they consider important, now and in the foreseeable future.

Search Engine Marketing

Permanent, Relevant Rankings = Winning

Search engine optimized websites tend to take the traffic for granted, and well – do nothing to expand their business. However, all that’s gon change when the experts at IdeaVerse strategize SEO projects. We thrive for permanent growth of businesses, and since our business experts understand SEO as just being a permanent lead generation platform – we will ensure growth once the results are achieved.

Search Marketing Tools & Reporting

Outstanding Tools & Reporting

Sorry, if you are expecting we outsource our projects and game the system, you are in the wrong place. Our in house experts ensure they personally administer every detail – and stays interactive throughout the SEO lifecycle. There are no shady moves; we are thoroughly transparent with our operational nitty-gritties and ensure all projects end up to be highly educational encounters for our clientele.

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Consultation sessions form the financial basis of most online marketing agencies. Not here though. We firmly believe in free-flow of information, and are ready to help you out regarding all your queries.

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