Share Video Clips Online with SnappyTV

The concept of sharing what we do online is definitely rising up, we love to share our thoughts, our opinions, our favorite song, our favorite dish, to where we are going and of course, with the latest second screen experience websites, we can also now share what we are watching on the television. SnappyTV diverse itself from its competitors by not only letting you share the name and the episode of the television show that you are watching but you can also snap parts of the show and share a video clip on Facebook or Twitter.

They say that picture speaks louder than words but in the modern day, videos speaks the loudest, this sharing experience let you tell a story of why you love the episode of whatever you are watching without having to write a thousand words. Viewers can go forward and backward while watching the show to choose which part of the scene they would like to make a snippet to share with their friends, the maximum snippet is at 20 seconds per clip.

What do you think about these second screen experience websites? Do you have any favorite website that you use to watch television or do you think it is just way better to watch it on the actual television?

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