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Dubbed as the ‘social music,’ according to Matt Rosoff of CNET is what sharing of music should be like. The free plug-in can easily be installed to you iTunes and from there, every time you play a song, will post the name of the song and artist to your profile. There’s no surprise that big game player like Y-Combinator would fund the start-up; Alexia Tsotsis of TechCrunch confirmed that YC recently funded is definitely user-friendly, the easy-to-use application allows users to visit your profile, see what you are listening to, and the best part of all, they can play what you are listening to straight from your page; states that they also add YouTube videos on the page if there is any. Besides the iTunes plug-in, also has an extra add-on for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari which tracks what the user is streaming whether from Pandora, YouTube, Earbits, or Meemix and post it to your profile accordingly.

Chris Chen pointed out to the team at TechCrunch that distinguishes itself from or Ping by letting people share their music and be able to listen to the music for free rather than redirecting to 30-seconds bits of music and to listen all, user will have to buy the track; it defeats the whole purpose of sharing. “ isn’t meant to be a destination music site, it’s meant to be a place to find songs that you like. It’s not meant to be a Pandora but a compliment to it, it’s a place for sound discovery, where you go and listen to music,” added Chen.

If your profile is connected to Facebook then your friends will also be able to see which songs you are playing as well as to which is the most played songs among your friends. In addition to viewing what other people are listening to, at you can also follow whose music you like, and then you will be able to track how they are entertaining their ear buds. Are you a user? How is your experience so far? How could the service be better?

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