Shoot two-sided iPhone video with the Love Box


Honest & Smile a company which is located in Barcelona and they launched The Love Box  which is letting you record a video with your front and back video in one single iPhone’s shot.

Nowadays, photographic apps are increasing in a way that it is impossible to be updated about it.  So now there is an accessory named The Love Box, which is a handmade iPhone accessory, enables you to capture one single shot with your front and back camera at the same time without an app. This accessory is made of a wooden base and an angled sliding mirror. At the first sight, it seems not very technical, but more artistic. However, this could be a simple way of recording amazing videos with your front and back camera simultaneously.


This low-tech gadget will allows people be creative during filming. Although people need to carry this Love Box in their bag.

This iPhone accessory is available at the online Etsy shop for €57, 63. People in Spain can buy The Love Box at the online shop Regalador. The first limited edition of The Love Box is available and includes a white oak cover and base, the mirroring device, a souvenir poster and an owner’s certificate.

So now you are able to record a conversation between two people, side by side as a split-screen image in one single shot. So would you buy this Love Box to experience the two-side filming in one single shot? Or would this accessory easy to replicate?

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