SimCity 5 to launch in 2013 with better graphics, green theme

SimCity is back, but the world has changed! This classic game came out in 1989 and will come back in a new version in 2013.

Maxis Studios has announced today that SimCity 5 is developing in order to release this game in 2013. Nowadays, we cannot escape from the climate change and environmental issues, so the world has changed and so does SimCity 5.  It will address climate change and environmental issues in this Green Theme.

SimCity is giving players the ability to build up their own city from the ground up. In this way players can experience how to build cities while taking account with the environment. This means that players need employment, water and power. Moreover, each city can be specialized in a single industry such as manufacturing or tourism, so you are able to build up several cities with different industries. As this game is focusing on climate change and environmental issues, players need to protect their city against natural disasters. This would be a great challenge!

 “SimCity is back and bigger than ever with a new 3D world to create and control and multi-player to play with your friends for the first time.”

The new multiplayer mode is one of the new features. This will enable players to play against their friends for the first time ever! This means that one player can make decisions in their city, which can impact the cities of his friends. Sounds fun, right?!

According to Davis Guggenheim, director of climate change documentary An Inconvenient Truth, that this game will help educate young players about the issue. Players can also compete with each other to be the greenest city.  This could be a good and simple way to make young people aware of the future of this world.

In some way, it is good to make young people aware of the climate change and environment through gaming.



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