Sina Weibo’s Plans of Monetizing Its Service Leaked

Sina Weibo, the most popular Chinese microblogging site is going to take advantage of its 140 million registered users to generate revenue. Lately, Sina is trying to add more features to turn the microblogging sites into a more complete social network experience.

From the following screenshot that was leaked by one of the users in Weibo, we can know the details of their plans on monetizing the service.

We can see that QWeibo completely changes the original layout of Sina Weibo. Users and their followers will be represented as avatars and they will be able to purchase  fancy avatars and other virtual goods using virtual money. The messaging system will be revamped and the integration of social gaming are also expected. Besides, eCommerce service might also be implemented through Weibo.

Will Weibo’s transition from a microblogging  site to a social networking site with virtual sales and e-Commerce affect performance of its current platform?

Some of the tech analysts think that the movement will ruin the Weibo platform by doing too much. They think that Sina Weibo, like Twitter, should be simple to maintain its value.

What do you think about it?


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