Singapore Social Media Day 2011

25 June will be a big day for all bloggers in Singapore. It is SG Social Media Day, a movement initiated by various bloggers in the blogsphere.

Blogger will come together on that day to bring Singapore a day of game and fun. There will be gaming booths with prizes to be won, creative sandwich making contest, and performances by individual/group performers and buskers.

Besides,blogshops owners will also be there to sell their products for charity purpose. A space will be provided at the event for free but 20%  of the revenue on that day will go to charities.  It is a good opportunity for blogshops to get greater exposure in the blogsphere as many popular bloggers will be attending the event.

In addition, you can contribute to the Charity Sales Booth by selling your stuff at there or buying items from there.

At the same time, you can also do your part for charity by “updating” a physical 8ft-12ft Singapore Social Media Day Facebook Wall on Singapore Social Media day 2011.When you “update” your well-wishes for World Social Media Day(30June2011) on its Wall, corporate companies will make donations to the selected charities.

The event sounds quite fun, isn’t it? I will definitely be going. See you there!

DATE:25 JUNE2011




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